If you’re using iPads in the classroom and not the Apple TV, you’re missing out on some exceptional learning experiences!

Yes, I’m talking about the same great entertainment device you use in your living room with your hi-def TV. Or could be using if you had an iTunes account and $99.00 to spend on the Apple TV.

Here are three great benefits of using an Apple TV in your classroom:

1. Frees the instructor from the podium/instructor station. The instructor is free to move about the classroom while presenting.

2. Fosters awesome collaboration between the instructor and students. Using the iPads AirPlay functionality not only can the instructor present, but at anytime any one student can be called upon to ‘mirror’ their iPad display to the classroom projection system. Pretty awesome!

3. Allows the iPad to become much more than a ‘presentation clicker’. Easily navigate between your apps and other iPad content without having to walk back to your computer and switch between applications and programs.

Here’s How:

1. Connect the Apple TV to your classroom projection system. This can be done with either an HDMI cable or a VGA to HDMI adapter. For VGA to HDMI adapters, I recommend the Kanex ATV Pro.

2. Connect the Apple TV, instructor iPad, and all student iPAds to your local wi-fi network.

3. Use the iPAds AirPlay functionality to ‘mirror’ and display great learning content.