Some projects are just beasts. They are the projects that logistically can’t be tamed. Every business has them. You know the ones…the kind that puts everyone on edge.

They might be standalone projects or recurring deadline-driven projects of a cyclical nature. Regardless of type, they are composed of constantly changing components, none of which can be 100 percent anticipated. No amount of savvy planning will ever fully and legitimately tame the beast. But savvy project management makes all the difference.

These are the projects and deadlines that successful companies are able to handle because they are strategic about meeting goals and objectives.

We have customers with these types of projects. And we are part of their strategy. They turn to Immersed Technologies to produce training courses under strict deadlines and in challenging production environments. They trust us to manage and account for the components they cannot control.

New Model Training is one such project. It’s something our customers in the automotive industry face year after year. It’s the training needed for dealership technicians prior to the annual new model roll-out of a company’s signature vehicles. In what is already a complex training program, New Model Training is the most challenging.

Automotive companies operating in the U.S. as distribution companies must prepare their New Model Training programs based on information coming out of design and manufacturing facilities that are based in other countries. Vehicles sold on multiple continents have different model changes respective of where they are sold. It gets complicated largely due to scale. Changes to a model can occur right up to the point that vehicles are shipped and sent to the dealerships. For a company needing technician training courses to correspond with the sale of new models, this can present a huge logistical challenge.

Immersed Technologies provides New Model Training solutions for companies, such as Audi of America and Kia Motors Corporation. Our solutions address complex subject matter and complex production scenarios and schedules. We mitigate problems in challenging, deadline-driven projects. Our carefully honed work flow strategies and processes are designed to adapt to a constantly changing environment without losing momentum and focus.

We have worked with Audi of America on the majority of their 2016 and 2017 New Model Training courses. Our work for them has included the production of web-based training, instructor-led courses, and handbooks. We have also worked on New Model Training for Kia Motors Corporation.

Our customers rely on us to take on their most challenging training projects and schedules. We operate calmly amid the storm to restore order, provide direction, and get the job done. Our team is ready, willing, and able to do it time and time again. We handle even your toughest, most unwieldy training projects and their relentless deadlines, too.