Audi of America was named NUMBER ONE in Technical Training for the third year in a row in the industry’s annual Carlisle survey! Garnering the highest overall score among 15 global automotive companies, Audi scored top marks for training in the survey-measured areas of Skill Level Appropriate content and content that Helps Technicians Diagnose & Repair vehicles.

Congratulations Audi of America for being Number One in Technical Training in 2014, 2015, and 2016! Immersed Technologies is proud to be part of your effort to provide the industry’s best technical training for technicians working on vehicles at Audi Dealerships throughout North America.
Immersed Technologies has a lot of respect for the automotive industry. It’s under constant scrutiny. And it’s easy to understand why. The automobile holds both a mythological place in American culture and a practical and utilitarian place in our everyday lives. The natural outcome of the automobile’s iconic status is its ongoing analysis and review. Everything from safety and comfort, to road performance, from reliability to design, to customer service…it’s all up for review.

Vehicle brands and models are the subjects of endless lists, evaluation, and commentary. They are discussed on social media, in the news, at work, over the dinner table and by just about everyone somewhere, at some time in their life. Overall, the automobile is a hugely measured product. There are magazines and TV shows and websites, and private organizations devoted to this endeavor. All of this reviewing leads to opinion.

Everyone has an opinion. If you are an automotive manufacturer, it’s a vast and competitive arena with lots of room for influence. Sure, it starts with a great car, but it relies on a host of supportive effort to foster positive opinion and build brand respect and loyalty. At Immersed Technologies, we know that a well-trained workforce interfacing with and serving the needs of customers is a hub for influence and a platform to launch countless opinions.

We are fiercely passionate and dedicated when it comes to designing and delivering a training program that exceeds expectations. We know what we do to train an employee has the potential to reach beyond the classroom, beyond the repair bay, and into the realm of public opinion. We believe the best way to positively influence an opinion is to do a good thing for someone else. In our world, this means delivering great training tools for companies with workforces requiring technical training. When we do this, we become part of the sphere of influence. It’s something we take very seriously.

That’s why Audi of America counts on us to deliver award winning, survey crushing training programs. Because we not only get it, we care about what’s at stake. It’s not just our reputation on the line, it’s theirs. It’s every company we work with. We design, create and deliver the technical training tools a company requires to train skilled, competent, knowledgeable, confident workers. A great workforce is a standout authentic landmark on a company’s road to success. People take note. They remember. They share with others. The sphere of influence just got bigger.