Build Your Dreams is one of our newest clients. Among other green and responsible innovations, they build zero-emissions battery-electric buses and vehicles so quiet you can hear yourself think. Riding in a BYD bus is an invitation not only to be transported in a truly visionary vehicle but to sit back…and dream a little…or a lot…and to chart the course of your own dreams.

One of the things we love about BYD is they are inspiring. They are a modern example of meshing global responsibility with strategic business practices. They are changing the way the global community sources, stores, and uses energy to make the planet happier and healthier while creating a sustainable and profitable business for this century and the next.

Our relationship with BYD is focused on their battery-electric buses and trucks. BYD is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. They notably make their own batteries, placing the responsibility of their dream of a cleaner, healthier planet at their own feet. They set their standards and innovative engineering goals above industry and regulatory norms and make them a requirement for the batteries they use in their vehicles. The result is batteries that feature environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredients and electric buses that are setting new standards for environmental, safety, and performance requirements, as well as economic expectations.

Immersed Technologies is creating a set of four manuals for each BYD variant. These include:

  • Operators Manual
  • First Responders Manual
  • Service Manual
  • Parts Manual

Creating web-based, print, user/vehicle interface, and downloadable information materials in the form of quick reference, hazard situation guides, and comprehensive owner, operator, and maintenance manuals is something we do well. At Immersed Technologies, we love all things automotive and transit related. The heartbeat syncing the Immersed Technologies team members is the drive to embrace, engage, and innovate in the realm of technical communications ― and so, it’s in our work culture DNA to be thrilled about being part of BYD’s world changing dream. And it is that!

BYD is shaking up the global public transit community…and it’s all good.  There are over 10,000 BYD manufactured electric-buses used worldwide on six continents. It’s a wake-up-shake-up that’s good for the planet and good for business. To date, BYD has saved its customers more than $38 million in fuel and maintenance costs and its buses have responsibly avoided 624,798,609 pounds of greenhouse gases (GHG) worldwide. BYD is showing us and the world…we can do this. As individuals, as privately held companies, as major global corporations, we can create, innovate, act, and lead responsibly. We can live our lives with purpose and we can do good business in ways that also are good for others and for our planet.

BYD America’s corporate office is located in Los Angeles and they have a manufacturing plant in Lancaster, California. United States transit companies are embracing the battery electric bus. A few of the U.S. transit agencies employing BYD buses in their fleets include: Long Beach, Howard County, Denver,  and Los Angeles.

You may be interested to know, it’s projected that all public transit buses operating in the United States will be battery electric by the year 2030. Dreaming big and making dreams a reality is an exercise in vision, commitment, and discipline. But it starts somewhere. Put your dreams in your To Do Box and get busy! Ask us how we can help streamline your technical communications and training needs.

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