Immersed Technologies provides immersive, engaging, motivational learning solutions for your training and documentation needs. Whatever information you need to convey, whatever skills must be understood and applied by your learners — whether they are maintenance technicians, sales staff, employees, and/or customers both at the wholesale and retail level— we determine the best solution and then make it happen for you and your company.

Our Goal

Our goal is to effectively and efficiently meet your training and learning objectives…on time and within your budget. We are innovative in our approach, but pragmatic when it would better serve your purposes and project. Our mindset is one of integrity, performance excellence, reliability and loyalty to our clients and our team members. Our solutions for you often win awards, but that’s never our goal.

Our Team

The Immersed Technologies Team is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. Instructional designers, project managers, graphic designers, technical writers and editors, desktop publishers, photographers, videographers, translators, and programmers ― they bring decades of experience to your project.

Experience and skills when combined with passion and sound ethics lead to excellent outcomes. We are on our game and on top of what’s new, up and coming, and innovative in our industry. You can rely on us to knowledgeably apprise you of your options and to expertly advise you on the best solution for your project.

What We Can Do For You

3D Training simulations may be exactly what you need. It could be mLearning for a mobile workforce, instructor-led training when complicated skill sets must be mastered and closely measured, or a blended learning program to achieve multiple learning objectives using a cost-effective solution. Maybe you need job aids to address and meet just-in-time learning situations, or maybe you simply need printed materials of complicated information. We can provide these and other solutions.

We will determine, advise, and provide you with the learning solution you want and need. It’s what we do…Immersed Technologies.

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