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AR and VR Training Solutions

Immersed Technologies provides innovative Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) training solutions that bring the learning experience to life. These cutting-edge technologies provide a new level of engagement and immersion for learners, making training more effective and memorable.

With AR and VR, you can provide interactive, engaging, and immersive training experiences to help your employees learn faster, retain information longer, and perform better on the job. From hands-on simulations and interactive scenarios to virtual job shadowing and skill-building exercises, our AR and VR solutions are designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to train employees in new skills or provide continuing education, Immersed Technologies is here to help you succeed. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your training goals and create customized learning solutions. Get ready to revolutionize your training program with our innovative AR and VR solutions.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Innovative Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) training solutions • Hands-on simulations and interactive scenarios • Expert design that focuses on your learners and your training goals and objectives.


In the real world, companies have a limited number of instructors and many learners in multiple locations. Immersed Technologies provides real-world eLearning solutions to bridge the gap and meet a company’s training needs. As a training option, eLearning, also known as distance learning and web-based training, has never been more relevant. Your company’s financial viability and health relies on your ability to concurrently train employees to maintain a dynamically synced and functional workplace. Our award-winning eLearning courses address real challenges, solve real problems, and meet real expectations. Your eLearning course can be designed to stand alone, as a pre-requisite to instructor-led training, or in a combined blended learning program with performance support.

YOU CAN EXPECT: State-of-the-art design and course architecture • A user interface that reflects and supports your company brand and culture • Expert consultation focused on solving your training needs • Respect for and adherence to your budget and schedule • Expert application of eLearning best practices and current technologies

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Immersed Technologies specializes in ILT course design. Face-to-face ILT is powerful. It’s one of the most effective training options available. It’s also one of the most expensive and logistically challenging, especially if you go it on your own. Compounding concerns and details of ILT development will rapidly consume a budget and your staff’s focus, energy, and time — none of which will guarantee success and all of which is unnecessary. Immersed Technologies expertly confronts and efficiently manages all issues related to your ILT project. We deliver the ILT course you need to get your job done and your leaners get the training they need to do theirs. It’s the smart thing to do.

YOU CAN EXPECT: An ability to build your course from the ground up or from an existing curriculum • Experience and guidance in training your trainers • Deliverables specific to your needs, which may include: training simulations, corresponding job aids, manuals and support materials for print or devices • Expert project management


Immersed Technologies leads the way in mLearning solutions to build confident, capable, prepared workforces. mLearning is the powerful tool you give your workers for just-in-time learning, referencing, reinforcing, and exploring all the information they need to succeed at their jobs. Delivered using a handheld mobile device, mLearning is more than the latest teaching option — it’s proving to be one of the greatest. Today’s diverse workforce adapts easily to mLearning, is self-motivated to use it, and increasingly expects it. Immersed Technologies is your go-to leader for mLearning.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Leading-edge instructional design • Exceptional graphics • Superior user experience design and information presentation • Compatibility on iOS, Androids, and tablets

Performance Support

Immersed Technologies treats your Performance Support System with the attention it deserves. Strategically embedded in the workplace, a Performance Support System (PSS) is the generator that hums instantly to life in the moment of need. We provide electronic and printed PSS solutions for optimal workplace productivity. Immersed Technologies delivers unparalleled rapid response options to surmount knowledge roadblocks your workers face every day when information has been forgotten, never been taught, changed, and/or has been updated.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) designed from the ground up • EPSS compatible for desktop and handheld electronic devices • Downloadable formats for use offline • Printed quick reference and how-to cards • PSS style and design that reflects company learning program

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is your winning strategy for a confident and capable workforce. Blended Learning = eLearning + Instructor-Led Training + mLearning + Performance Support. When workers are oriented to their jobs via training, when workers have the tools and the support they need to succeed ― workers will bring know-how and can-do enthusiasm to their work. The results are productive, professional workforces, satisfied customers, invigorated opportunities for growth, and the thing we all want: working environments that foster a Fix It Right The First Time mentality. Immersed Technologies is your choice for Blended Learning Programs. When you ask us to provide a Blended Learning Program for your employees, you make the crucial decision to do what is required to build, nurture, and support a strong workforce. When it comes to Blended Learning, Immersed Technologies is your winning strategy.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Immersive, engaging, motivational blended learning programs • Insightful instructional design that focuses on your learners and your training goals and objectives • eLearning, Instructor-Led Training, mLearning, Performance Support…all or some in the right blend for the best solution

Multimedia Services

Do you know that the visual tone of your training materials has the same powerful potential for positive impact as a thoughtfully designed, brilliantly developed, and expertly implemented training program? It can and it does. The haphazard use of multimedia lacks cohesion and tells the learner you don’t care. It’s a distraction to the learner and can negatively impact learning outcomes. Over the years, we’ve seen it all. We know that custom illustrations, animations, videos, and photography have an impact – and we know the best way to meet your training objectives is to ensure they get the attention they deserve. Learners grasp and retain subject matter when the visuals are relevant, relatable, and recognizable. You can achieve this one-two-three punch with customized multimedia assets. We do it for you.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Professionally created custom illustrations, animations, videos, and photography – all expertly designed to align with your company and your training subject matter. Included in all Immersed Technologies created training courses, tools, and materials

Staffing Services

Immersed Technologies provides onsite project support and course instructors. We will teach your technical training courses for you― freeing you to direct your training resources to your learners. We provide certified, professional instructors to teach your transit bus and automotive technician maintenance and safety Instructor-Led courses. Instructors are available to teach courses we have designed for you as well as courses you currently have in use, whether made in-house or by another company. Utilizing our services means we ensure that instructors are up-to-date subject matter experts with hands-on, real-world experience―in the workforce and in the classroom―professionally prepared to teach the information your learners need to know. Ask us how Immersed Technologies can help you streamline the administrative logistics of your training program. Or maybe your team would benefit from some temporary onsite help prior to vehicle launch or delivery―we have team members who are experienced in gathering the information needed to produce accurate service repair manuals and other publications as well as to provide other various team functions. We handle it! Ask us!

YOU CAN EXPECT: INSTRUCTORS with > High Voltage expertise • ASE, and alternative fuel certifications • Advanced transit bus and automotive systems knowledge and diagnostic skills • Excellent communication & organizational skills • Proven track records in the workforce and the classroom • Computer and classroom technology skills • CNG safety certification

YOU CAN EXPECT: ONSITE SUPPORT TEAM MEMBERS with > Comprehensive understanding of subject matter • professional ability to adhere to your project’s scope and requirements, goals and objectives, and timeline • Excellent communication & organizational skills

Printed Materials

When it comes to printed materials…it’s not quite the future. Using online and electronic technology to present and share information is increasingly the first choice of companies worldwide, but the fact remains, it has not entirely eliminated the need for printed materials – not culturally and not logistically. People still want to hold something in their hands and all situations cannot guarantee online access. Immersed Technologies produces professional printed materials supporting your electronic, mobile, or Blended Learning program or as stand-alone pieces.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Owner’s Manuals • Quick Reference Guides • Parts Manuals • Service Information • Training Aid Posters

3D Interactive Modeling & 3D Printing

Immersed Technologies creates dynamic, interactive 3D modeling and printing to engage, connect, and train learners. Workers, customers…all those you need to train, educate, and impress live in an increasingly visual world. It can’t be ignored. Showing is the new road map and interaction is the vehicle that drives learning. Intuitive, effective, and cost saving, the use of 3D interactive modeling in your eLearning and mLearning programs and 3D printed materials for your instructor-led training are undeniably powerful training tools that will take your company where you want to go…ahead of the pack.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Interactive 3D models created from CAD data and technical illustrations • Interactive 3D training appropriate for desktop and handheld devices • Interactive video • Interactive 3D printed models for hands-on learning • Security and protection for your proprietary information

Translation Services

Allow Immersed Technologies to handle the translation and localization requirements of your project. It makes sense, and it saves time and money. Bundling this step into your project deliverables not only guarantees you the professional translation services you need, it also means that Immersed Technologies can more efficiently schedule and account for all of the resulting design/production adjustments that accompany English-to-foreign-language translations.

YOU CAN EXPECT: Translators who translate INTO their native language • Access to translations in all major geographic regions • U.S. Department of Defense-level screening for translators working on government and/or sensitive projects • Application of secure protocols used in the movement of your information • University/College-educated translators with at least 5 years of professional technical translation experience • Confidential handling of your information

Video Services

Immersed Technologies has an expert videography team to produce professional videos for your project. Our team is creative and experienced. We see the whole picture. We balance creative elements and learning directives while adhering to the project budget. This means we produce videos to work toward an end goal and outcome. Not just visually compelling video, but effective video. The outcome is a watchable video produced specifically to achieve the learning goals and objectives of your project.

YOU CAN EXPECT: The use of state-of-the-art equipment and software • Budget adherence • A creative team • Pre- and post-production work, including voice-over, music, graphics, and transitions

Learning Management Systems

Immersed Technologies has your LMS solution. If you are a start-up company, if you have limited administrative staff, if your employee training department is small or you don’t have one, if you will be using an LMS and/or eLearning for the first time and/or in limited and exploratory ways, Immersed Technologies can provide a cost-effective LMS and administrative services that fit your precise needs.

YOU CAN EXPECT: IT support • Administrative support: learner registration and tracking • Superior functionality • Intuitive and elegant design • A user interface that reflects your company brand and culture • Secure, cloud-based information storage • LMS design using the industry’s highest standards, expectations, and capabilities