Immersed Technologies has been asked to help judge at the 2016 Metro Roadeo and the Southern California Regional Bus Roadeo. What?! There’s such a thing as a Bus Roadeo? There most certainly is, and for the Immersed Technologies personnel who will be participating, it’s pretty darn fun.

There’s barrel racing for buses…well sort of. Buses, driven by operators from competing transit agencies, skillfully maneuver around cones ― and though not exactly at action movie speeds ― we think it’s a fun thing to watch. And then there’s the Bus Technicians’ Competition. This is what we’re talking about! This is where the Roadeo goes from fun to intense! And at any great Roadeo, that just means more fun! This is the Roadeo event Immersed Technologies has been asked to judge.

Buses can’t head for the roadways without the daily assistance of skilled and trained mechanics, and so…of course the Roadeo has a white-knuckle competition to measure technician skills! Imagine having just 7 minutes to find and diagnose and/or repair a mechanical or operational issue on a bus! That’s what a transit maintenance team of three faces during one of the Roadeo competition events.

For Immersed Technologies, it’s an interesting and exciting competition to observe and judge. We know how important it is for mechanics to have the most current, applicable, requisite and necessary training to quickly identify and diagnose and then fix or repair an issue on a bus ― and not just on competition day, but every day.

Trained, prepared, skilled, and confident maintenance crews.
Safe buses.
These are things that Immersed Technologies thinks about all year long.

Immersed Technologies works with LA Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) to create and deliver the most effective training available for maintenance crews. LA Metro is a leader in workplace education and is continually raising the bar for not only other North American transit agencies but for themselves. Immersed Technologies is honored to provide our expertise as Roadeo competition judges, and even more so, we are proud to work with the caring, innovative, dedicated people at LA Metro to make the transit workplace a sustainable, cost effective, efficient and supportive environment and to provide safe, reliable, and accessible transportation for the public.

LA Metro has 11 bus divisions that compete amongst each other to earn the top spot and a place at the International Bus Roadeo. Congratulations to LA Metro Division One! Their Maintenance Crew is heading to the International competition. LA Metro has taken home the International Bus Roadeo Maintenance Team trophy two times; and in 2007 and 2009, LA Metro was the International Bus Roadeo Grand Champion!  They won with the overall best-combined Operator and Maintenance Team scores!

See! A Roadeo by another spelling is fun! It’s a slice of quirky Americana that can make you feel good about the people at the wheel and back in the garage!

On April 8, 2017, LA Metro will host the Southern California Regional Competition. Immersed Technologies will help judge the region’s top maintenance teams in a preparatory competition held prior to all competing teams heading to Reno in May for the International Bus Roadeo. The International Bus Roadeo is hosted annually by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). To learn more the Bus Roadeo, visit their website: