In May, Karma Automotive introduced the 2018 Revero Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). It’s the first effort from an automotive company dedicated to making a singular PHEV for a singular market segment.

Immersed Technologies developed the owner’s manuals and a mobile app to align with the state-of-the-art technology expectations of Revero owners. The app perfectly fits their lifestyle. Information about an owner’s Revero is readily and easily accessible via their handheld devices and is informative in real-time via updates and notifications.

Additionally, our work supporting the Revero’s launch included development, production and delivery of service manuals, product knowledge and technical training tools for the Revero retailers and technicians. Training tools range from printed and online reference sources to instructor-led and web-based training.

Immersed Technologies works closely and in sync with its customers to meet grueling deadlines and to meet and exceed project goals. As a result, we feel and share in their pain, but―we also get to experience their glory. And that’s a feeling like no other!

The feeling shimmers and runs through you like a current. You know you’ve done and been part of something big, even grand, as is the case of all vehicle launches.

We got that feeling when the 2018 Karma Revero launched. And we get it every time we are part of our customer’s success. We know that doesn’t happen by chance or by luck. We work for the grand result and we work to get that feeling.  And quite frankly…that’s all of the time.