We’re at it again. Once again converting longtime client Kia Motors America’s Flash formatted training simulations to HTML5.

The Automotive Electrical Diagnosis (AED) course we created for Kia Motors in 2007 remains relevant today, but the technology we used to code the simulations is 10 years old and unusable on today’s mobile devices and modern web browsers. At the time, it was cutting edge technology for creating learning interactivity and the best available, but a lot can and does happen in 10 years.

Flash based formatting is a bygone technology. It’s been replaced by a new industry darling for developing web and mobile interactivity. Today’s gold standard in coding is HTML5 and it’s what you want to bring real-world situations to the classroom via stunning computer simulations.

But, here’s the thing―even though Flash has given way to HTML5…there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater! Kia Motors America didn’t need to discard their perfectly good instructional design and content. It’s still very much relevant for training technicians to diagnosis today’s vehicles. Immersed Technologies converted the course to HTML5 to protect Kia Motors America’s existing course and eliminate the expense of redoing the entire course from the ground up. Once converted, new scenarios and concerns can be integrated much more seamlessly. The day will no doubt arrive when we share the news that a new coding technology has superseded HTML5, but today in 2017, HTML5 is required and it’s what our customers need to get the simulations they want.

It’s important to us that we are part of a technical training solution, not a detached provider of services. For us, this means helping our clients make the most of their training budget to accomplish their precise training requirements and needs. In the case of Kia’s AED course, it meant protecting an existing asset by updating it to HTML5. We always care about our work whether it’s the project we are working on today or the one we did for you 10 years ago. We like what we do. It’s that simple.