Silver and Gold are Nice! Immersed Technologies Wins both at 2017 Industry Awards.

Mobile App and Customer Support for the Karma Revero Launch Wins:

Davey Awards: Silver

MarCom Awards: Gold

Immersed Technologies’ MOBILE APP and CUSTOMER SUPPORT MATERIALS for the 2018 Karma Revero Launch earned a bit of bling in the 2017 marketing and communications industry awards department.

To support the launch of the 2018 Karma Revero, Karma Automotive asked Immersed Technologies to create and deliver an owner’s manual, a mobile app, and a video series highlighting some of the Revero’s features and functions.

Our work was awarded TWO SILVERS by the Davey Awards in the category of Mobile Apps/Sites-Reference & eBooks and in the category of Campaign Categories-Online Video Series – Other.  The MarCom Awards recognized our work with a GOLD in the category of Strategic Communications | Media Kit | Product/Service Launch.

The Karma Revero project included the traditional printed owner’s manual for the glovebox as well as an electronic version accessed via the Karma’s Online Owner’s Portal. The owner’s literature is also accessible via My Revero, an iPhone mobile app created by Immersed Technologies specifically for Revero owners. The video series, also accessed via the portal, gives owners an opportunity to view spotlighted features and functions of their new Revero.

As far as the awards are concerned, it’s especially nice to be recognized for our work on the Revero owner’s manual. An owner’s manual is a utilitarian thing―a thing of necessity with a clear purpose. The best reference guides are straightforward. There is no fancy extraneous language to interpret or need to meander through filler material.

The best reference guides and manuals don’t mess around―they simply and purposely relay helpful, explanatory, and correct information. The best get straight to the point and inform the user of what they need to know…precisely, concisely, correctly.

A reference manual at its best is accessed when needed, provides useful and correct information, and is then set aside without much thought. A general rule of thumb is that if it’s being thought about, talked about, it’s because it’s not doing its job and for one reason or another is frustrating the user.

At Immersed Technologies, we make it a priority to deliver information, marketing, and education tools that exceed expectations. In our hands, even a reference guide and manual becomes something of note, upending that old rule of thumb by generating positive attention―even garnering a bit of silver and gold.

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