Immersed Technologies is Delivering the Message at BusCon 2019

Mike Brock, President and CEO of Immersed Technologies, on behalf of the SCRTTC, will speak on High Voltage All-Electric Buses at BusCon 2019, in a talk geared toward Bus Maintenance Personnel.

Mike Brock’s invitation to speak at BusCon is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Immersed Technologies and the Southern California Regional Transit Transportation Consortium. The successful working relationship had it start in 2012 when Immersed Technologies was brought on to adapt SCRTTC’s successful Instructor-Led courses into distance learning courses (eLearning).

The new training format, a first for the SCRTTC, soon proved to be a success and thus began a vigorous collaboration with Immersed Technologies to educate → train → and prepare Bus Maintenance Technicians to knowledgeably →  effectively → and safely maintain and repair Transit Buses.

Flash forward to 2019, where not only is Immersed Technologies continuing to provide the SCRTTC with more effective training tools, but the scope and reach of the SCRTTC is extending beyond California. It’s not difficult to track the SCRTTC’s growth to their success at meeting and exceeding their mission statement: Advance the skills of our transit workforce…preparing for the future.

On Tuesday, September 24 at BusCon 2019’s Transit Maintenance Forum, on behalf of the SCRTTC, Mike Brock will deliver the message that High Voltage All-Electric Buses have new and crucial safety training requirements for maintenance technicians.

Mike’s talk titled, What Maintenance Personnel Need to Know about All-Electric Buses, will cover:

  • personal protective equipment
  • preparations that are necessary prior to working on or near high-voltage systems
  • and more


BusCon 2019: