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The Transit Transportation Forecast is All Electric 

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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) have been integrating Battery Electric Buses (BEBs) into their fleet for a couple of years now. During this time, Immersed Technologies has collaborated with them to put a High Voltage (HV) foundational training program into place.

Our collaboration with LA Metro continues as they prepare to introduce BYD transit buses into their fleet towards the end of 2022. Immersed Technologies will develop 25 hours of BYD-specific eLearning to add to Metro’s existing onsite training program. New courses will train LA Metro mechanics and other personnel to work on and around BYD all-electric powertrains and other major sub-systems.

Although a BEB is similar from one manufacturer to the next regarding it being 100 percent battery-powered, like any vehicle, there are design and engineering differences that mechanics need to know.

A topic of focus in all BEB training programs is how each bus model and make is placed into an electrically safe condition to allow mechanics to safely maintain and service the bus. Common HV safety procedures referred to as Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) and Zero Voltage Verification (ZVV) can vary from bus to bus. Immersed Technologies will address this issue in its deliverables.

BEB and High Voltage Safety training products developed for LA Metro include web-based online courses, student guides, quick references guides, posters, and other support materials. The subject matter consists of an introduction to BEBs, High Voltage Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, systems and components, and related HV safety procedures.