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Augmented Reality Offers Next-Level Training for Transit Technicians

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Immersed Technologies has successfully completed the transit industry’s first augmented reality procedure with the Alameda-Contra Costa (AC) Transit District. The fully developed augmented reality procedure provided technicians with a hands-free experience in viewing interactive service information while replacing an air compressor on a bus.

Augmented reality blends digital content with a real-world environment for an immersive user experience. Immersed Technologies developed a maintenance procedure using the HoloLens 2, an augmented reality headset that allows the user to see text, photos, videos, and graphics overlaid on top of their actual environment.

The HoloLens 2 allows the technician to use voice commands and eye movements to interact with the content, keeping their hands free to work on real-world equipment. Technicians can follow the interactive procedure on the headset while 3D holograms are overlaid on the actual equipment. The 3D models can be anchored in place, and HoloLens software detects and tracks the object as the technician moves around in the real-world environment. The interactive step card can be fixed in one spot, or the step card can follow the technician as they move around. These features give the user a clearer picture of what they’re working on. Videos, animations, and photos provide additional perspective and information with a simple turn of the head or a shift in eye position.

The Immersed Technologies team worked with Ballard Power Systems engineers and AC Transit technicians to develop an air compressor replacement procedure that is optimized for augmented reality. Test runs were performed on a fully functional laboratory trainer with AC Transit technicians. The final demonstration was successfully performed on a hydrogen fuel cell bus on Dec. 8 in Oakland, Ca.

The HoloLens 2 can be paired with Microsoft Remote Assist, which allows real-time troubleshooting and collaboration with experts in different locations. Ultimately, AC Transit chose to deploy the HoloLens 2 because this feature allows faster and more effective communication when training new users.

For a closer look at Immersed Technologies’ augmented reality procedure for AC Transit, click below.

Hololens Air Compressor Procedure