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Immersed Boosts Awareness for High-Voltage Mechanics

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Immersed Technologies, a leading provider of technical training solutions, has launched a High-Voltage Awareness for Transit Essentials training program. This program is for mechanics seeking high-voltage qualification and other personnel working on and around zero-emission buses. The training program includes three self-paced online courses covering Contact Release, DVOM functions and uses, and a deep dive into High-Voltage Awareness. An intensive one-day, hands-on class with materials currently tailored to Gillig, Proterra, or New Flyer buses rounds out the program.

In partnership with the California Transit Training Consortium (CTTC), Immersed Technologies recently concluded six in-person classes for mechanics at Norwalk Transit, Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus, Victor Valley Transit Authority, Long Beach Transit, and Sacramento Regional Transit. An earlier version of the instructor-led class was held in December 2022 with VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, TX. VIA hosted four days of on-site training with an Immersed instructor in hands-on classes for 40+ VIA mechanics and personnel. In January, El Dorado National hosted three half-day workshops to provide high-voltage awareness to manufacturing and assembly personnel.

The instructor-led class provides hands-on exercises in measuring for and donning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), inspecting PPE items for use, setting up safety barriers and alerting devices, and using OEM-specific service information to perform de-energization and zero voltage verification procedures. Trained mechanics will leave the class equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to work effectively on specific buses in their agency’s fleet.

“High-voltage awareness training is critical for trained mechanics who access high-voltage areas of a bus,” said Immersed Technologies President Mike Brock. “Our training program provides real-world experience in preparing for high-voltage tasks, and mechanics can take these new skills and knowledge straight to the shop floor.”

Participants in all classes learned how to prevent and safely respond to accidents. Worksheets and in-person exercises reinforced recognizing hazards and keeping mechanics and others safe while high-voltage tasks are being performed.

“We are proud to launch this training program, which shows how important it is to be protected and prepared before setting foot in a high-voltage environment,” said Mike Brock. “We will continue to develop innovative training solutions that help keep workers safe.”

Immersed Technologies’ High-Voltage Awareness for Transit Essentials training program is based on principles from OSHA 1910 and NFPA 70E standards and guidelines. Transit agencies may choose to include the High-Voltage Awareness for Transit Essentials training program into their overall high-voltage qualification process.