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Immersed Technologies Goes to the Roadeo

Sometimes you get an invitation that is so undeniably aligned with who you are and what you do, that you can’t refuse, even if you need to travel 2,395 miles to accept.

That’s how Immersed Technologies felt when we were invited to assist at the CMCOG (Central Midlands Council of Governments) Regional Operator and Mechanics Roadeo in South Carolina. Of course, we said YES! And we want to thank the South Carolina Department of Transportation for inviting us!

In November 2021, three Immersed Technologies subject matter experts packed their bags and headed east to the Roadeo. At the Roadeo we assisted in two key areas. First, we designed and planted bus system and component defects in full-size and cut-a-way transit buses. Mechanics from regional transit agencies competed to diagnose and repair the defects. Secondly, we served as judges for both the Large Bus and Cut-a-Way Maintenance Competitions. If you’ve never heard of a Bus Roadeo, you can learn more about them at: